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Punkin Beds

Dogs love these beds. When you get one for your dog you help our dogs. Click Here for more info.

NOTICE: Any copyrighted fabrics used for any items Tzu Zoo Rescue has for sale are not associated or affiliated with the original copyright owner.


Our sensational cookbook is a compilation of favorite recipes from our volunteers. It contains 200 mouth-watering selections on 74 pages. The binding is plastic spiral on a soft cover that is stain resistant. We include a few selections for your pets in a special section.

The price is $15.00 tax inclusive. Postage will apply for mailing or arrangements can be made to pick up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from one of our volunteers.

Please contact [email protected] for further details.



* Dog quotes from

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” - Josh Billings*

View Our Adoptable Dogs (see how to adopt below)

If you're having trouble viewing our adoptable dogs,
click here to see our dogs on Petfinder.  

If you're having trouble viewing our adoptable dogs, 
click here to see our dogs on Petfinder. 

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Adopting A Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is a rewarding experience. Not only are you adding a wonderful member to your family but your adoption donation enables us to save more stray, abandoned, and abused dogs.

To a dog lover, owning a rescued dog is a very special privilege. Rescued dogs seem to know they've been given a second chance and usually show their appreciation, accordingly, in the love and loyalty they give to their new owners.

After what these little dogs have gone through, we want to make sure they are going to be happy in their new home (and we want you to be happy too).  Therefore we try to match adopters to dogs based on the adopters' desires and situation, and also on the dog's personality.  Since our dogs are fostered until they're adopted, we get to know them and their little personality quirks.

Once you are approved to adopt (see "How To Adopt" below) and have found the dog you like, he/she can become yours via a contract and set adoption donation: 

up to 6 months
 6 months - 2 years $300
3 - 4 years $275
5 - 6 years
7 years
8 years and over

These donations are our main source of funds to cover all the veterinary services our rescue dogs need to get well and prepared for their new homes. Besides the normal check-up, vaccinations, and spay or neuter, many dogs come to us with heart worms, injuries, or other illnesses requiring medical treatment.

We also apply funds toward the expenses for our forever fosters to assure these dogs have a good quality of life until it is time for them to pass on.

Adoption donations cover approximately 60% of our medical needs. The remainder comes from donations and fundraisers.


How To Adopt

Our adoption process starts when you fill out an adoption application form (below) and ask three (3) of your friends fill out a reference form (also below). 

We conduct an in-home interview where we also look around your home and yard for safety issues.  After your application has been approved, you'll be invited to meet the dog(s) you are interested in.

[Microsoft Word format]     [PDF format]     

[Microsoft Word format]     [PDF format]


Online Adoption Donation

Only make your adoption donation once you are approved and instructed by one of our volunteers to do so. (You cannot purchase one of our dogs by simply making an adoption donation.)

Use the donation button below to submit your adoption donation online. Please enter the name of the dog(s) you are adopting in the message area of the PayPal form.