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HELP NEEDED - Please Spread The Word - Refreshed 22 May 2013

Posted by Tzu Zoo Rescue on October 14, 2010 at 9:15 PM



    Dear Volunteers, Adopters, and Supporters, 


We continue to grow in 2013 and life for our volunteers becomes more demanding. We can really use your continued support and recommitment to the babies.

  • We are truly blessed for the commitments and support that seem to help us continue our worthy and rewarding work. (How can rescuing these sweet babies be "work"? Guess you would call this continuing our rewarding blessings.)

During 2012 alone we rescued 162 homeless, neglected and abused dogs that you helped in some way to get adopted to loving forever homes.

The cost of medical treatments this past year exceeded over $89,000. As the number of dogs we rescue and the costs associated with our work continue to increase, so do the administrative responsibilities.

We all know the importance of thanking our Donors and Sponsors but this is not something we have been able to keep up with like we know we should. We're hoping that some of you will be willing to say "Yes" and assist administratively by helping us send out the "thank you notes" to our website benefactors and golf tournament sponsors. We have standard letters composed, just need a personal sentence or two and mailing......something you can do from home.

We have obtained a new volunteer for the website and maintenance, so the biggest need we have right now is for a Meet and Greet Coordinator.

The Meet and Greet Coordinator is someone who would be willing to coordinate events in different area venues like Petco stores, dog bakeries, dog parks, garden centers, and other dog friendly venues. Sites are up to you, with final approval, of course.

You would send emails advising of events and set up a team to arrange transports and set-ups also. Gather a power team around you and the tasks will not be large!

If you have knowledge of Power Point or similar software, we could also use help there, as well as with making flyers for our Meet and Greets, as well as other events.

If Tzu Zoo Rescue is going to continue to provide and improve the important services we have in the past, we need your assistance. Please consider volunteering to help with the above mentioned needs.

Contact either Lynda, Stephanie or Carol if you would like to help.

Now comes the PLEA for MONEY.  WE ALWAYS NEED!!! There are continuing expenses involved with our wonderful and understanding vets.

In Summary -

Tzu Zoo Rescue Volunteers, Adopters and Supporters 

  • Rescued over 500 dogs that may have otherwise been euthanized
  • Allowed same dogs to receive much needed medical care
  • Matched 384 dogs to wonderful homes
  • Will spread the word to help us raise money to continue these efforts

Please help where you can and encourage others to do so as well.  This is a great rescue who gives less-adoptable dogs the chance to flourish and eventually add joy to a family.  

A special thank you to those who give regularly.  Your help us sustain every month.  Each and every donation makes a difference.


Lynda Leazure

Tzu Zoo Rescue

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